Web and mobile application for creating a perfect meal plan for the user based on their specific requirements and characteristics like age, lifestyle, taste preferences etc.


The project was started by another development team before us, however they had suddenly dropped off and urgent help for finish and release of the platform was needed. It was also required a responsive design and functionality on a tight schedule and deadline.



We had to revise the project developed before us and unfortunately a big chunk of the code had to be rewritten and optimized up to the software standards. API integration with a meal planning platform, Stripe and PayPal was done. After the integration the end results from the user experience and meal plans that would be received were checked to respond to the logic of the customer needs. Although an automatic process, some adjustments had to be made to deliver 100% user satisfaction. Regular meetings were made with the customer to ensure the smooth transition of the process. The customer had chosen the Trello platform to discuss any details on the tasks that needed to be complete.


The Result

  • The result was great fitness platform which provides a customizable and effective healthy fitness plan for users to balance the health coordination between food and exercise.


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