An elegant solution to automate some of the customer service experience with a chatbot in Viber. Through that channel of communication the viber bot provides information about the latest traffic updates, public transport, parking zones, news etc. The chatbot also let the citizens when they park their car in the centre through their location to define the paid parking zone they’re at the moment. Users also have the ability to use bank cards or deposit money into their virtual account and make real time payments.


Urban mobility center is a municipal company in Sofia, Bulgaria, belonging to the Capital Municipality. The main activity of the organisation is the control of the public transport – bus, tram, trolleybus and metro in the city. It is also in charge of construction and operation of parking spaces in the capital.
The company needed a solution to let the citizens easily access the most viable information about the public transport in the capital like timetable, points of sale, parking zones, how to get from one point to another and let the customers pay for parking quickly.



We built a chatbot with a custom menu that allowed users to select from different options and receive information about the major services of the public transport, timetables, parking zones and other useful details. The user has the ability to scan a code, register and login with their account, add a bank card that can use any time when they park their car in a parking paid zone. We also created a step-by-step conversation and difference scenarios that allowed the users to search for useful information or complete a bigger task like finding the route from point A to point B.


Scope of work and technology we used

Viber, mobile development, QA, API design and development, Payment processing implementation,

Key features

  • Useful real time information about the services of the public transport, timetables, buying tickets, etc.
  • Automated location capture to properly select the zone / parking interface.
  • Option for card payment without additional fees above the price of the area / parking.
  • Notification of expired paid parking, repatriation or clamping.
  • Fast parking payment due to the added bank card in the account and automatic zone / parking selection.

The Result

  • Increased visibility and reach a wider audience with, stickers, targeted messages and offers;
  • Standing out with strong images, video content and invite potential customers to interact;
  • Great at handling repetitive tasks and can provide a queue – free form of communication.
  • Real-time customer support 24/7
  • Provide your customers with a useful tool to read news, make reservations, buy products or pay for services;
  • Get in touch if you need a chatbot in Viber, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger tailored to your business needs.


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