A complete redesign of a customer platform with improved architecture of a back office part and optimized functionality for a leading company in the production of certified reference materials.


Our client is the inventor and world leader in the production of custom made certified reference materials. The product lines they have are: Inorganic Certified Reference Materials, Organic Certified Reference Materials, Pharmacopeia Products and Analytical Certified Reference Materials.
The company needed a redesign of their existing platform, UX and UI and additional functionalities to their customers portal and their back office administration.



We performed a full review of their current platform, client portal and functionalities. The outcome was a document detailing the approach, plan and development cost. Then we started with mock-up design versions which we discussed in deep details with the customer to agree on the best option, UX and UI experience. The design had to be user friendly and customer oriented. The back office part didn’t need any design approval, therefore we worked on its architecture in parallel with the design which saved us time for the overall completion of the project. Other more interesting challenges of the project was the large variety of products that the company has. We had to set the products to support categorization and one product to be able to belong to several categories at the same time. We also improved the process of self-creating recipes by the clients. It was done with matrices through which after product and component  are selected then their concentration can be set.


Scope of work and technology we used

Adobe XD, Laravel, Node JS, PHP, CSS

The Result

  • Modern redesign of the platform affirming the leadership corporate image of the company.
  • User experience that drives conversions and leads the clients through the main product segments to purchase a ready made product as create a custom reference material fast and smoothly.
  • Updated architecture of the back office administration model that simplifies the internal processes of the customer service team.


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