URBO is a multi-modal platform, designed to unite various services and providers, thus allowing end-users an easy and convenient information access and one-click mobile purchase of chosen services. URBO is the first platform in Bulgaria to offer a variety of services in one place - restaurant reservations, extreme experiences, concert tickets, theaters, online events and streaming services.


URBO needed a complete back-end and front-end architecture solution. The system had already started, but the main problem was that there was no single vision and the activities of the different modules were assigned to different contractors. It was leading to chaos, lack of communication and a common vision that was making the project suffering.



In order to consolidate the architecture, the solutions and the implementation, we offered to take over the overall development and support of the project. We created a plan to change parts of the architecture, database and interconnections of the individual modules in the system. The goal of these changes was to achieve synergy and optimization of all processes.


Scope of work and technology we used

Web development, Business analysis, QA, System architecture, Database design, Payment processing integration, AWS administration, CD/CI
The project uses different languages and libraries for different modules. For backend architecture and payments we use Java / Spring, for front end and administration we use php / Laravel together with VueJS, the Database is MySQL. The whole architecture is AWS based and is also hosted there.

Key features

  • An administrative system for the owner and his employees
  • An administrative system for businesses / partners in the system where they can self-publish, control and monetize their content / events / streaming.
  • An online end-user portal used to find buying / booking experiences.
  • Consumer accounts with the ability to securely store payment details for quick and easy shopping. Consumer history and e-tickets.
  • Check-in application for ticket validation, cashier for purchasing offline tickets at the business premises
  • Purchase and validate streaming tickets and video on demand events.
  • A donation system for broadcasting free / charity online / offline events
  • Loyalty cards that include a certain percentage of reductions.
  • The ability to book and pay for your chosen real-time experience, for which you will receive a digital ticket to use directly from your mobile phone


The Result

  • Achieved synergy and successful partnership through which we can work more efficiently together and continue to develop the platform.
  • Optimisation of server infrastructure costs in AWS, through proper setup, monitoring and notification.
  • Easier system utilization and process automation for URBO employees.
  • Continuous improvement in levels of safety and durability under heavy loads or traffic?.
  • Holding multiple online events where ticket sales happen in real time for the duration of the event, peak payments have been achieved (3 payment requests per second).

Other challenges we faced

Fragmentation – The big problem was the fact that the project was split between several contractors and lacked common architecture and management.

Short terms – Due to the seasonal aspects of parts of the business, we had to constantly develop functionalities with very short start / deadlines.

AWS infrastructure – the cloud-based infrastructure of the time had to be optimized and redesigned where needed, but acquiring existing resources took time. The fact that the systems were in a production environment further complicated our task.

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