Jamadvice travel was a representative of Hogg Robinson Group on the Bulgarian market. At a turning point for their business they changed their direction and started working with BCD Travel – a market leader in the travel industry and corporate business travel. The new partnership for them had a great start and increased their volume respectively. The task was to reduce the manual work and implement software automation.


The company was receiving hundreds of reservations daily from the software of Galileo GDS and Amadeus airline booking systems and all the data from there was entered manually again in their accounting invoicing system. This was taking most of the operations staff time, making the whole process incredibly slow, tough for the employees and most importantly prone to errors.



After analyzing and describing the business processes in the company, we created the necessary architecture and built a multilayered software that takes care of the complete automation of the processes. When making reservations from the two major systems (Amadeus and Galileo GDS), we automatically capture the information, then parse it and pour it in a structured way into the system database. From this data, employees can issue invoices, run sales reports, segment data exports, and other features.


Scope of work and technology we used

Web development, UX/UI design, Business analysis, QA, System architecture, Database design
For the kernel of the system we used Laravel PHP Framework together with MySQL database. For front end we used html5 / javascript. To read reservations automatically, we used a PowerShell script that is set up to read newly created files from the reservation system, process the information, and send it to a dedicated Endpoint API that takes care of the database import.

Key features

  • Automatic processing and filling in the data from created reservations (from Galileo GDS, Amadeus and HRG)
  • Automated export for BCD Group audit report with multiple data interdependencies. Built and implemented custom file based on a report requirements template.
  • Facilitated billing and document issuing process
  • Built-in export to accounting software, sorting documents by sort and type, allowing automatic entry of documents by type in the accounting software.
  • Developed multiple activity reports
  • Automatic submission of files and reports to external / affiliate systems.


The Result

  • Automated data import processes
  • Minimum manual work for invoicing issued tasks
  • Saved around 50 hours weekly in manual booking
  • Automated issuance of multiple bookings and grouping documents
  • Easier customer reporting
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Saving costs of recruiting more staff

Other challenges we faced

  • Absorption – from architectural perspective the solution had a challenge from the beginning, which was the real-time ingestion large amount of data from the sources to keep server stability.
  • Input all the data – another challenge was to explain to the staff that if the information is not put correctly or completely at the first place during reservation it would affect the process on a later stage when reports to the partners had to be organized and present.
  • Testing the system – as the staff had used to work the old way they were resisting to find the time to test the system additionally struggling to understand that it would make their life easier. Eventually, it happened and they were happy.

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