URBO is a multi-modal platform, designed to unite various services and providers, thus allowing end-users an easy and convenient information access and one-click mobile purchase of chosen services. URBO is the first platform in Bulgaria to offer a variety of services in one place - restaurant reservations, extreme experiences, concert tickets, theaters, online events and streaming services.


The URBO platform needed development of a mobile app that would complement the overall strategy of the platform and add value and convenience to users. It was necessary to create both client and several business and white label oriented applications.



During our partnership, we have built the main application of the URBO platform, a control application for validation of tickets for entry and availability of discounts, as well as several white label applications for partners of the company. It required the construction of 2 APIs, one for platform connectivity, one for information security, and one for real-time pacing and reservation systems.


Scope of work and technology we used

Mobile development, QA, API design and development, Payment processing implementation, Push notification automation
The projects were built using React Native. All apps have both Android and iOS versions. Complete integration of Push notification messages, implemented in back-end automation and control systems. Integration of e-wallet and secure payments with the convenience of recurring payments, where the user can save their bank cards in a secure banking environment.

Key features

  • A single user account that has access to the platform through the mobile application as well.
  • Quick and easy access to all the services and experiences offered, secure purchase and ticket receipt.
  • History of tickets purchased, ability to send a ticket to a friend, etc.
  • Electronic ticket available at any time from the screen of the mobile phone. This ticket enables electronic validation of the event entry with the control application.
  • White label applications with the ability to use the platform offline, with access to events and services reduced to the owner / partner. These applications have partially or completely modified design and functionality upon request from the client.


The Result

  • Convenient and personalized access to the platform, user accounts and tickets
  • Convenient, secure and fast purchase of services, experiences, travel tickets and online events
  • Fast, secure and convenient verification and admission of users to the hall through the control app used by businesses.
  • A custom, type and functionality application designed for use by white label type businesses.

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