URBO Parking is an innovative platform for the use of smart parking systems in an urban environment. The system is integrated with multiple municipal and private parking sysem, unifying the interface and facilitating the use of multiple parking services by end users. The users also have the ability to use bank cards, prepaid vouchers and e-tickets.


Paid parking in an urban environment is in terrible need of digitization. City planners are turning to smart digital technology to help ease congestion, manage parking more effectively and adapt to changing consumer expectations. In many places current payment methods are paper coupons and sms payments. Urban areas are divided into several paid zones in different colors, which designate and carry different rules for the adjacent area. All this leads to end-user confusion over which area they are in and what are the exact parking rules like maximum duration, price or opening hours. Our client wanted to improve the end user experience.



Our approach was to choose modern and secure technologies to serve consumers. Initially we started to use the phone's location to accurately show the user in which area he is and how much would be the parking cost. We started showing the opening hours, the cost of stay and what would be the maximum stay that can be used. Another feature that we introduced to the customer was sending push notifications on expired paid time, repatriation of a car or a mounting bracket. Our goal was to integrate multiple municipal and private parking systems in one unified interface, accessible from a single user profile and banking environment.


Scope of work and technology we used

Mobile development, QA, API design and development, Payment processing implementation, Push notification automation, Third party system integrations,

The projects were built using React Native. All apps have both Android and iOS versions. Complete integration of Push notification messages, implemented in back-end automation and control systems. Integration of e-wallet and secure payments with the convenience of recurring payments, where the user can save their bank cards in a secure banking environment.

Key features of the product:

  • A single user account that has access to multiple parking services.
  • Automated location capture to properly select the zone / parking interface.
  • Option for bank payment without additional fees above the price of the area / parking.
  • Notification of expired paid parking, repatriation or clamping.
  • Fast parking payment due to the added bank card in the account and automatic zone / parking selection.


The Result

  • Convenient, fast and secure parking in an urban environment that saves you money from the fees above the charges.
  • Automatic area / parking interception saves confusion, time, and potential selection errors.
  • Modernisation of the payment system and offering an additional channel for monetisation of municipalities and private parking lots.
  • The system has been used successfully in more than 10 cities in the country, as well as in a number of private parking lots.

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