Kamax is a Bulgarian-Czech company which produces and sells window blinds across Bulgaria. The company has the main factory located in the central part of the country and distributes the products through stores and resellers.


Kamax had a huge volume of orders across the country and all the shop administators were struggling to keep up with all the schedules of the installation technicians. Kamax had implemented ERP solution from another company which didn’t have the option to give detailed information about the technician installation schedules to the shop employees and be convenient for them.



The project was to create a custom part add-on in their ERP software which will simplify the visualization of the technicians’ schedule and make the administration staff’s life easier. First through google maps we created a split into different area zones of the city. In each zone the settings would give the options to put the installer technicians responsible for this area with their schedule and all the information like customer, address, type of product, contract etc. The schedule had additional features like transport costs, staff information, log information etc.


Scope of work and technology we used

Software development, API design and development, Push notification automation, Third party system integrations,

Key features of the product:

  • A single user account integrated with the ERP solution.
  • Real-time information about the status of the order.
  • Automated location capture to properly select the zone of the technicians.
  • Notifications if the status of the order has changed.


The Result

  • Fast, easy and convenient booking management of technicians’ schedules after customer order had been placed.
  • Reduced error mistakes and faster response time, increasing the customer service satisfaction.
  • Optimised technicians’ schedules, increased productivity and reduced costs for additional staff recruitment.

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